I did just post a skincare routine in December but Christmas brought a few more special products that i couldn’t wait to share…

As i noted in my previous skincare post, i was gifted a Super Glow serum a few months ago from Glossier and i truly think it’s changed my skin since using it daily. This Christmas brought a few more serums: the Super Pure and the Super Bounce. While i use the Super Glow in the morning before my daily moisturizer, i’ve found that i like to use these two new serums at nighttime and then following them up with my daily moisturizer.

Another fun product was this beauty bag! It’s Glossier’s basic product bag and it is perfect for fitting all of my skincare, perfume, and other daily products in it. Perfect shape and size for packing too.

The serum Super Pack is linked HERE

The Beauty Bag is linked HERE

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