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Trends From the 90s to Now

Following three trends through the years — Velvet, Cardigans, And Claw Clips (Trend Forecasting Module 1 Project) Velvet In the 90s, velvet styles were popular on the red carpets and are currently making a big comeback in recent years. Velvet was known as the fabric in the 90s and often was used for slinky style dresses like […]

Sweatpants Are Cute

I say this with 100% confidence – Sweatpants and Yoga Pants can make a cute outfit. It’s all about how you style them. These casual outfits might not be everyone’s style but these are just a few ways how i love to “dress up” my most causal pants. Below I’ve included some pictures of my […]

Yummy Meals

Over winter break i had a lot of fun trying new recipes and creating my own meals. Now that I’m back at school I’ve still been trying to come up with fun meals to make in my dorm room. I’ve had a lot of kind replies on my instagram stories when i post my breakfasts […]