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DUSTY TONES — February 2, 2021 I recently had a class assignment where we had to do a little research where we focused on a trend and then made a trend board to go along with it. I found it very fun so i wanted to share what i made 🙂

Above is the trend board i made for Dusty Tones. I think it turned out very pretty and i think the colors are so soothing. (I used the app PhotoshopMix to make the trend board, trim the images, and layer them how i wanted. It’s free on the App Store and it’s been a lifesaver for assignments like this. I use it on my phone and my iPad)

This first image below is the image that inspired my research on Dusty Tones . It’s a vintage Sears advertisement from 1969. The advertisement wrote, “These soft muted pales are the newest colors going. Pick your favorite, then pair up an outfit”. I stuck with the colors of a dusty green, a red, pink, and blues for my trend board because i wanted to continue the colors that the original advertisement displayed. All other images were found on Pinterest.

The 1969 Sears advertisement is linked HERE if you’d like to look at some other advertisements from the ‘60s

CERULEAN BLUE — February 9, 2021 You can’t look at this color and tell me it doesn’t make you soooooo calm and soooooo happy. This is my favorite color and apparently it’s one of this season’s standout colors. Pantone described it as being “the color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day” and i have to say i 100% agree. It’s peaceful, it’s cooling, and it’s simply a classic blue .

I’m taking a trend forecasting class right now and every so often my professor has us research predicted trends or past trends and collect some pictures to support. Sometimes we have to make a trend board and sometimes we simply collect our photos and upload them. I wanted to research Pantone predicted colors and this Cerulean Blue came up for THE SPRING/SUMMER 2021 NEW YORK COLOR PALETTE. I think it’s beautifullllll 🙂

Link to the PANTONE website HERE to read more on the “Fashion Color Trend Report: New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021


LONG-TERM TREND — LITTLE BLACK DRESS February 21, 2021 The styles of the dress may change throughout the years but the classic concept of a black minidress will always remain as a classic staple. I think they’ll always be staple pieces to dress up or dress down in your closet. If you stick to a classic silhouette, it’ll be something you’ll be able to style for years.