Favorite Youtube Channels

I’ve been watching youtube since middle school and have been curating my list of favorites as time goes on. As my interests have changed, so have the people i’ve chosen to subscribe to. As of the past year, here are all of my top favorites that i love to watch weekly 🙂 Each is linked to their youtube page so you can easily click to visit and check out their recent posts.

Health / Food

Kylie Ross is a former D1 college soccer player who lives in Texas. She’s a great fitness and lifestyle youtuber who makes fitness / health very relatable

Sarah’s Day is a fitness and lifestyle vlogger who i have been watching since middle school. She’s such an inspiration for work, fitness, and life balance in your daily routine. She lives in Australia with her husband, son, and her soon so be youngest son.

Maryana Dvorska is a food / wellness youtuber who is just so sweet and kind. She promotes healthy living but with most importantly a healthy mindset towards it.

Erin Rutherford is a foodie youtuber who posts daily vlogs, what i eat in a days, and bake with me videos.

Jazmin Tyler is a fitness and foodie youtuber who shares recipes, workouts, and daily vlogs.


Claudia Sulewski is someone on youtube who i can remember watching her videos back in middle school and i only just recently discovered again. She’s such a sweet lifestyle vlogger with a big sister type of feel to her vidoes.

Gretchen Geraghty is one of my favorites. She’s a daily vlogger who shares every aspect of her daily life with her subscribers, which makes her page feel like such a little family.

Maggie MacDonald is someone who i found years ago but only recently jumped into watching her videos. She’s a Boston vlogger who loves to share all aspects of her life and travels.

Moya Mawhinney is such a sweet youtuber who shares daily vlogs consisting of art museums, cooking, hanging out with friends, and so many other sweet memories.

Michelle Reed is someone i’ve been watching for years. She lived in New York City during college and her page was filled with college productivity vlogs, while now she’s married and moved back home to Texas and started posting more lifestyle, day to day vlogs.

Margot Lee is someone i’ve also been watching for years. I loved her college vlogs when she went to Syracuse and now i love her lifestyle vlogs in New York City just as much. She’s such a creative individual who always seems to be in the works of something new.

Hannah Elise is a youtuber that i used to watch for her college productivity vlogs but now that she graduated and moved to New York City, she’s producing entertaining daily life in the city vlogs filled with Trader Joe’s hauls, apartment organization, and so much more.

Ava Jules is such a sweet youtuber from Hawaii who is in line with all the trends sharing gift guides, daily vlogs, personal videos, and fashion based content.

Lauren Giraldo is such a funny youtuber who produces all things fashion and lifestyle in her daily vlog content.

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