Rock n Rags

Welcome to my new favorite brand 🙂 Rock n Rags just celebrated their 2nd birthday and i couldn’t be more excited for them. Right now they’re all about their Valentine’s Day pieces and their pink & red. Definitely check out their website and their instagram because they’re doing such a great job!

Some of their most popular items and my favorites…

Spill the Tea Tank – this top is such a beautiful color and the fabric has such a great stretch. It comes in so many different colors so you know you’ll be able to find the perfect look for you

Take the Plunge V-Neck Crop Top – this top is amazing. This powder blue is already my favorite color but with the V-neck and the stretch in the fabric, it’s my favorite tank to wear any day

Sunshine Daydream Skirt – I saw the sunshine daydream skirt all over their instagram and website, so i knew it was a fan favorite. When i tried these skirts on, i was obsessed with the fit of the scrunched waistline and loved the two layers of ruffle. The cut of the hem goes slightly higher on the sides which makes it super flattering. My favorite part though – the shorts underneath that help you feel covered the whole time you’re wearing it. Again, comes in so many colors and patterns so you can always find the look you’re going for 🙂

Definitely take a look at their website and make sure to use code rnrlillyh on your next purchase! Whether you love simple pieces like me or trendier pieces to add to your wardrobe, Rock n Rags has the perfect pieces for you 🙂

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