Favorite Accessories

I looove simple accessories. Over the years I’ve come to learn that I’m definitely a gold girl so the majority of my jewelry happens to be gold! But i also love the look of mixing silver and gold like you’ll see. My jewelry tends to hold a story or a memory behind it which makes it even more special for me to wear because i can be reminded every time i see it. I feel so much more put together if i have my classic accessories to go with my outfit so i thought it’d be a great idea to share some of my favorites with you . . .

  1. Gold hoop earrings – i have two piercings in my ears so typically I’ll wear my very tiny hoop earrings from Amazon in the second holes and my medium size gold hoops from Kohl’s that my grandparents got me in the first holes. I love how the double hoops look together and they really make any outfit look more put together because they’re a classy sized hoop.
  2. My pearl earrings – these are another pair of earrings that i really love because they look so simple and classy. My white pears are freshwater pearls that my parents got me for my 18th birthday. I had always wanted a big pair of pearls to wear and i was so excited to get these so i could wear them for many years to come.
  3. My Cape Cod bracelet – this is one piece of jewelry that i wear everyday that’s silver. My mom and i each got a Cape Cod bracelet on our annual trip to Provincetown a few summers ago and i have barely taken mine off since the day we bought them. I absolutely love it because it fits my small wrist perfectly and because it holds the memory of buying it at The Cape with my parents.
  4. My cross necklace – My grandma gave me this gold cross quite a few years ago now and i started wearing it after volleyball season ended my senior year of high school. Since that November, i haven’t taken it off. It’s so dainty that i can wear it with any outfit and to any occasion.
  5. My signet ring – This gold ring i got for my high school graduation gift. My parents gave it to me on the morning of my graduation and i have not taken it off to wear a different ring since. It has a smaller face with my initials LHE engraved onto it and i just love it.
  6. My stackable silver and gold rings – i recently got these down in South Carolina and they’re definitely new favorites that I’ll be wearing for ages. They’re dainty little rings so even with both of them stacked together, you barely notice you’re wearing them.

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