Favorite Accessories

I’m going way back to my 2019 blog ideas by sharing my every day favorite accessories. I’ll link my original blog post HERE if you’d like to give it a read but here is my updated list as of 2021 🙂 I’ll link as much as i can . . .

My Signet Ring

HERE is a link to a very similar signet ring to mine. It’s not exact but it has the same petite square shape with the option to customize your initials on it

I LOVE this ring. It was my high school graduation gift and i still wear it every day

My “K” Ring

HERE is the exact ring that i have. Etsy has lots of simple signet rings that you can customize and order

This little ring was a Christmas gift and such a perfect ring to wear on its own or stack with other dainty rings

My Chunky Gold Ring

My grandma passed me this one and it’s my favorite to wear during the summer months especially because i love bold, gold jewelry for summer

My Gold Cross Necklace

My grandma passed me this cross necklace and I’ve been wearing it every day since. You could search up simple gold cross necklaces and easily find a similar one

My “Lilly” Necklace

HERE is a link to an Etsy page full of name necklaces like mine. You can pick all kinds of fonts as well as silver or gold depending on your preference

Cape Cod Bracelet

HERE is the link to my Cape Cod bracelet. I’ve been wearing this one for quite a few years now so it has a few dents on the ball but the quality is long lasting. I really love it

There are so many variations of this bracelet and each is so pretty depending on the jewelry style you prefer

My Cape Cod Earrings

HERE is the link for my Cape Cod earrings. Same design as my bracelet but they have the two tone of the silver and gold.

These are my newest addition to my jewelry collection and I’ve been wearing them every day. Such a light weight hoop and perfect if you like to mix silver and gold like me

My Smaller Gold Hoops

My smaller gold hoops are my mom’s. They’re lined with small stones and a perfect size for my second piercings.

I also have a smaller and simpler gold hoop that i sometimes switch these out with

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