Summer Staple Pieces in My Closet

Since summer is winding down and fall is quickly approaching, i thought it’d be fun to go through some of my summer staple pieces that i wore a lot this summer. I know for me personally, each summer i have a few key pieces of clothing that i wear over and over just because of how comfortable and easy they are to wear any day.

Here are a few of my summer staple pieces from these past few months. . .

Denim Shorts – Typically i thrift some old jeans and make them into my own denim shorts that fit my body perfectly. Super easy DIY and in the end you have yourself a pair of shorts specifically made to fit YOU. Over the years I’ve realized how seriously difficult it is to buy shorts in a regular store like Forever21 because for me, they end up being too big in the waist or not long enough for full coverage in the back. With thrifting them i can cut them to my preferred length and take in the waist.

T-Shirts – Yes these are a staple for any season but i think they’re especially a need for summertime. How easy is it to throw on a pair of denim shorts and then a fun graphic tee for a casual look or a tapered V-neck for a more put together feel. I have so many T-shirt’s that I’ve collected over the years with my high school or middle school name on it or from different sports teams so i have plenty that i just love to wear.

Button Down Shirts – I have quite a few button downs in my closet that i wear throughout the year but summertime is my favorite time to wear them because of how light and loose they are. My favorite ones i wear are white, light blue, and my white and blue striped button down (pictured above). My favorite look is to throw a button down on over my bathing suit as an easy coverup.

Linen Pants – I love linen. It’s such a light material which makes it comfortable to wear on a hot day. My khaki linen pants are my favorite pair i own because of the fit and length of them. They’re loose and hit just in the middle of my calf.

Knit Tank Tops – This is a newer staple that I’ve come to love this summer. A Light knit tank top can be dressed up or dressed down and can even be carried into the cooler seasons if you layer on top of it. My mom and i picked new ones up from The Loft and have been wearing them all summer.

Loose Jeans – Levi 550’s from the men’s section are my absolute favorite jeans. I like them especially in the summertime because i pair them with a cropped T-shirt or a fitted tank top and you’re left with a super cute casual outfit. You might think that a heavy denim pant will be hot in the summer but since they’re a very loose fit, i find them to be a comfortable and cool piece to wear.

Those were just a few of my Summer Staple Pieces that i wore this summer. Each summer is different with what i enjoy wearing but i can always count on my outfits being super casual and simple because that’s me.

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