What I Keep in my Schoolbag

As a college student, i carry around campus a medium sized tote bag with all of my school necessities in it. This is everything that i keep in my school bag . . .

My iPad – Since its so small and light, i typically always carry my iPad with me to take notes in class or to work on some personal writing

A Notebook and Pen – i like to always carry a notebook and pen with me so i can write down any thoughts or To-Do’s when i think of them

My Planner – I found a super cute one at TJMaxx last summer that’s an 18 month planner so it’ll last me until December this year. It’s filled with stickers and Bible verses on every page which i think is so fun.

A Nail File – so many times i find myself in need of a nail file or someone next to me in class needs one. So if you ever need a nail file, i have one!

A Water Bottle / To-Go Cup – i always bring a water bottle or tea/coffee with me to class or meetings

A Snack – sometimes i have class at pretty inconvenient times so it’s always nice to have a snack like peanut butter crackers or a granola bar

Headphones – So i can listen to music or watch a video for class

My Glasses – gotta be able to see

Gum – i’m just always chewing gum. If you’re the same, i suggest going to Costco and stocking up because one of those boxes will last you the year for sure.

Chapstick – I always carry a chapstick in my bag

Hand lotion – i just got such a good one from Bath and Body Works called coconut milk. Smells so good.

I don’t keep too much in my bag because i don’t like carrying around a super heavy bag to classes but that’s everything i carry with me on a daily basis!

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