Summer Beach Night Outfits

In my opinion, the beach is the best place to be between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 in the evening. Walking in the sand or strolling through the shallow water while the sun slowly goes down is such a happy feeling. The sky turns all kinds of colors, the air becomes cool, and all you can hear is the crashing of the waves or seagulls nearby.

This time of day is also one of my favorite times to pick outfits for because it’s cooler but still bright and summery. Perfect weather for a cozy, casual outfit. And when i say casual, i mean as casual as it gets. I love comfy outfits so when i go to the beach for a walk, I’m going to be wearing something that keeps me warm as well as something that will be fine if it gets wet in the waves while I’m walking through the water. Here are two summer night outfits that I’d wear to the beach . . .

A pair of grey sweatpants with a white V-neck T-shirt – Lightweight sweatpants that slightly taper in at the ankle are perfect. I like to roll mine a few times at the ankles mainly because most of my sweatpants are too long for me but also because i like the way it looks. And of course a white V-neck T-shirt is just a basic staple that goes with anything. Just bring along a hoodie or switch the short sleeve shirt for a long sleeve if it looks like it’s going to be extra chilly or windy.

A pair of cozy shorts with an oversized sweatshirt – Another very cozy outfit that’s perfect for a beach walk. For the oversized sweatshirt, i like to roll the sleeves up once or twice because i feel like it helps it not look too overwhelmingly big. For shorts, i would probably choose one of my flowy pairs that are lightweight and have a little stretch waist.

Super simple. These are typically the outfits that I’d throw on if i were going on a beach walk with friends or family. I love that both of them have something to keep you comfy and warm (sweatpants/sweatshirt) but also something that’s light if the suns still shining a bit (T-shirt/shorts).

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