How I Style Denim in The Summer

I love summertime outfits. It’s a season of being able to wear so many different pieces because of the midday heat and cool evenings. A staple that i love year round (but especially in the summer) is DENIM. Denim shorts, denim jeans, or a denim jacket – all my favorites.

In the picture on the left, i have on a pair of Levi 550’s that are actually from the men’s section, paired with a peach colored fitted top. I really love the look of a fitted top paired with a loose pair of jeans. I think they just really balance the look out quite nicely.

In the center picture i have a similar outfit on. These jeans i bought at Goodwill for a few dollars and ended up distressing the knees. Then i paired them with a simple white tank top that was again fitted to balance out the loose jeans. I love distressed denim and i think these are my favorite pair of jeans right now 1) because of the wash of them 2) the fact that they hit me higher on the waist and 3) because of the way that i distressed the knees.

On the right I’m wearing a pair of jean shorts that i originally bought as men’s jeans from Goodwill. I ended up cutting them and fraying the edges for a messy look. I paired them with a light blue button down which is such a favorite piece i have in my closet in the summer. Makes such an easy outfit to throw on over a bathing suit for a day at the beach.

These are just three outfits that i find myself wearing a lot in the summer because of how easy and comfortable they are. If you match a pair of messy jeans or shorts with the right top, it can really make an outfit look so cute and put together yet only took you a few minutes to pick it out.

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