Happy Holidays!

I hope if you’re a fan of the holidays that you’re enjoying time with friends and family, enjoying as many holiday drinks and snacks as you can, and getting a good look at all of the holiday decorations around your town or city 🙂

I was walking around Boston after my internship a few weeks ago and passed a man making wreaths on a table right outside his apartment’s front door. He had different greenery, red berries, and pinecones that he was arranging in his wreaths. I looked as i walked by and complimented his work because of how beautiful they were and how unexpected the set-up was on my walk around the city.

I wanted to link a few easy recipes if you wanted to test some new ones out this holiday season…They’re both super easy oat recipes to make ahead and have for the week 🙂

And finally here’s a little photo collage all things ~Winter Inspired~ All photos are from MY PINTEREST or my camera roll 🙂 Enjoy your holiday season and bundle up!

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