Trends From the 90s to Now

Following three trends through the years — Velvet, Cardigans, And Claw Clips

(Trend Forecasting Module 1 Project)


In the 90s, velvet styles were popular on the red carpets and are currently making a big comeback in recent years. Velvet was known as the fabric in the 90s and often was used for slinky style dresses like a wrap dress or a slip dress. 

            In the 90s, velvet was more of an evening wear fabric that celebrities might style for their red carpet look or a dressed up social event but as of recent years velvet is often styled in a much more versatile way. Options like velvet blazers or suits for men and women are popular as well as velvet tops and blouses as a more casual look. Velvet slip dresses are being worn today as casual, everyday wear, when in the 90s they might’ve been considered as a nighttime look for a special occasion. 

            Moving forward I’d predict that the velvet trend will definitely stick around as a very versatile trend. The fact that it can worn in a dressed up way or in a casual look gives the consumer a lot of creative freedom for their look. 

            STEPPS could be applied to this trend in multiple ways. Social Currency for example explains how “people care about how they look to others” (Berger). If a consumer sees velvet being worn by celebrities, they’ll feel of higher status amongst others because they see themselves as wearing what the celebrities wear. This also goes along with Publicbecause the more public something is, the more people will see and possibly imitate it. If celebrities are publicly wearing this trend of Velvet to events throughout the years, then other consumers will see that and want to imitate the “celebrity trend”.


Cardigans in the 90s all the way to today have been a classic staple for many. For a 90s cardigan look, Cosmopolitan put it as, “There was nothing like an easy cardigan to throw over your shoulders in case your spaghetti straps or slip dress got a little chilly”. Cosmo later went on to say, “The updated version looks chic when worn as a top” ( Cardigans have always been an easy layer to style. 

            Cardigans are popular in so many forms. Prints, solids, thick knits, thin knits, cropped, and oversized all have their styling benefits. They can be worn as a basic staple in an outfit or as a statement piece depending on the look your cardigan has. 

            Shows like Friends from the 90s depicted cardigans being worn cropped with a miniskirt or high waisted jeans and they were shown being worn oversized with dresses or jeans for a more casual, slouchy look. Today, celebrities are often photographed in a simple outfit inspired by these 90s looks with a cropped cardigan, often buttoned up as a shirt, and a pair of highwaisted jeans. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are two celebrities to be named who have been pictured wearing this trend quite often. 

            STEPPS could be applied to this trend of Cardigans by tying it to Emotion. Jonah Berger described the aspect of Emotion as believing “When we care, we share” (Berger). Since cardigans have always been a piece that can be dressed up or worn casually, they could be seen at all kinds of social functions. Whether it be a celebrity event in the 90s or streetwear today in the 2020’s, emotion can be tied to the piece. The event could be for a charity that a specific celebrity cares deeply about or the streetwear outfit of present day could include a vintage piece with a story behind it. There are many possible routes to take when it comes to analyzing emotion behind a trend in order for it to catch on. 

Claw Clips

Claw clips were an everyday hair accessory back in the 90s but further into the 2000s the trend began to fade into the background amidst other hair accessory trends. Claw clips of all sizes, all colors and patterns were used to easily hold your hair back no matter your hair length or texture. After the trend faded for a number of years, Vogue wrote in an article that, “Alexander Wang may have given the claw clip a millennial moment on his Fall 2018 runway last weekend, but a brief scan of the ‘90s and early aughts proves that chic women have long reached for the hair accessory” ( 

            Claw clips then, now, and anywhere between the years have been worn as a quick and casual way to hold your hair out of your face but they’ve also been worn in a more professional style for work or other social events. 

            STEPPS could be applied to this trend of claw clips by focusing on Practical Value. Berger describes Practical value by explaining how “useful things get shared” (Berger). When I think of claw clips today, I think of all of the educational tiktoks that show you how to efficiently twist your hair up into a claw clip in seconds. This is considered useful information by the consumer, which will lead to them passing it on to others whom they think might benefit from the claw clip life hack. It provides Practical Value to the consumer which might urge them to try the trend out themselves. 


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