Sweatpants Are Cute

I say this with 100% confidence – Sweatpants and Yoga Pants can make a cute outfit. It’s all about how you style them. These casual outfits might not be everyone’s style but these are just a few ways how i love to “dress up” my most causal pants. Below I’ve included some pictures of my favorite Yoga Pant outfits and some Sweatpants outfits from the past few months.

Yoga Pants

This was a recent trip to the shore with my boyfriend. I wanted to be cozy but i also wanted to feel like i was a little put together.

From top to bottom i put together a black turtleneck with my favorite grey hoodie. I wore my simple black Yoga Pants from Target, my white high top Converse sneakers, and i accessorized with my favorite gold hoops and my aviator sunglasses.

This outfit kept me warm with the layers of the turtleneck and hoodie but it also kept me feeling comfy and cute with the simple, soft fabrics.

And then another yoga pants outfit that i absolutely loveee is this one… i started with a basic layer of my black yoga pants and a black turtleneck. Then i layered my favorite blue scarf and my corduroy puffer jacket from Target. Finally i wore my black Ralph Lauren rain booties for this particularly snowy day.


I love a good outfit of grey sweatpants, a cozy sweater, and sneakers. You can find me wearing a variation of this outfit 7 days a week during the winter months.

These two outfits to the left include two classic sneakers that i wear almost every day, my grey sweatpants from Target, and then on the far left i have a long sleeve scoop neck top while on the right i have a ribbed black turtleneck.

I’m all about neutral colors and comfortable fabrics for my everyday outfits.

Here i have one more sweatpants outfit…

I combined a classic grey pair of sweatpants with my grey heart long sleeve for Valentine’s Day (i love a monochrome look with all grey or all black) and then i added my grey New Balance sneakers and my black corduroy puffer from Target. So cozy (and warm) but i think it’s so cute.

Stay cozy 🙂

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