Yummy Meals

Over winter break i had a lot of fun trying new recipes and creating my own meals. Now that I’m back at school I’ve still been trying to come up with fun meals to make in my dorm room. I’ve had a lot of kind replies on my instagram stories when i post my breakfasts or anything so i thought I’d put a blog post together to share some of my recent favorites I’ve been making. I’ve split the images up into categories to make it convenient if you’re looking for sweet/savory or a breakfast/snack/dinner 🙂


I’ve been on a HUGE oatmeal kick. If you watch any of my stories on Instagram you’d already see that. I like to microwave a small bowl of oats with water and then add the bulk of the bowl after the oats are cooked — my favorites to add are any fruit (typically an apple+orange since being at school), granola if i recently made a batch, and CINNAMON (a must for me).

Granola Bowls

Ever since i found ~The Best~ granola recipe over winter break it’s been one of my favorite things to bake. Here are some of my beautifullll granola bowls that i think are so yummy. Sometimes i make a yogurt+granola bowl with plain coconut yogurt, any fruit i have, and cinnamon. While sometimes i make a granola cereal bowl with almond milk, fruit, and cinnamon.

Other Breakfasts

In the gallery below (from left to right) i have an English muffin with avocado, spinach, cucumber, and pepper. My favorite Blueberry Muffins and a whole mix of yummy picks from a local restaurant by my school — overnight oats, smoothie bowl, avocado toast, and almond butter+banana toast. Finally, I have a fried egg w/ veggies and a yummy egg+veggie scramble.

Savory Choices

In the gallery below (from left to right) i have one of my favorite things to have in my room for a snack: smashed avocado w/ black pepper and some chippies. You could also have it on toast or with some veggies.

Next i have, hands down, my favorite thing to get from the dining hall — a spinach veggie wrap: spinach wrap, spinach, tomato, cucumber, banana peppers, and pickles. Add some hummus or chicken for a filling protein. So yummy.

Next is a veggie pasta with tomato sauce. My roommate made a yummy pasta dinner for us a few weeks ago and i steamed up some extra veggies like onion, spinach, and peppers to throw in it.

Some yummy veggie rolls.

And then a mix of mashed avocado, chopped onion+spinach+cucumber w/ rosemary crackers.

These have been all of my favorite picks to make lately. I love to incorporate lots of fruits or veggies into my meals because it bulks them up and makes them taste extra yummy. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch 🙂

I hope you have a great day!

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