Social Media Questionnaire – Samantha Feher

This week I’ve asked Sam Feher (samanthafeher on instagram) my series of questions and she was amazing with the responses she gave. She’s always so sweet and so fun to talk to, so i was very happy to get in contact! Sam works at Cosmopolitan Magazine and graduated from Elon. Before asking her these questions, i was telling her how i can remember being in high school and screenshotting her photos to use as “photo inspo” for my own instagram so watching her grow on social media as well as with her career at Cosmo has been very exciting and definitely inspiring. Her content is always engaging and acts as great inspo for her followers. I’m so so excited to share what she had to say!

When did you start consistently posting on your instagram? I started posting consistently toward the end of 2015/beginning of 2016, after I gained an initial following due to being re-posted on a larger account. A local small business reached out to me to initiate a collaboration, which turned out to be extremely successful. After that, I knew I had two options: do nothing and enjoy the ride, or seize the opportunity and create something out of it. You can guess which one I picked!

Did you intentionally start posting a certain way to grow your page or did the growth come naturally with what you already enjoyed posting? Growth came naturally to me because I was posting for an audience of people who were so similar to me. We had (and still have) a lot of the same interests, and I am very in touch with my followers. Growth just follows!

How did you find your instagram aesthetic? My aesthetic changes all the time, and it totally depends on my mood! But I don’t switch it up for every single post—I usually ride out a theme for a couple of months before I move onto the next one.

What are three words you’d use to describe your instagram? Engaging, personal, fun! (I hope!)

Favorite types of photos to post? For me, the actual photos matter a lot less than the service I’m providing to my followers. Some images are service in themselves—outfit ideas, photo inspo, etc. But most often, I try to deliver them something really engaging in related features (stories, captions). My favorite thing is hearing from a follower that I inspired them, or positively impacted their journey in some way.

Describe your favorite outfit lately: My current favorite thing to wear: SWEATPANTS. I’m a very business-on-top, cozy-on-bottom girl. You’d never guess, because I’m wearing a nice blouse or sweater in all my Zoom calls, but I’m usually wearing PJs on bottom!

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