~Welcome Back~

This post is more for me to just get my thoughts out on how I’m visualizing my website from here on out but i wanted to actually post it just to explain this “new beginning” or “fresh start”… I want to be able to look back next year or in a few years and see how i started writing on this website and then the turns i took in my writing as i let it evolve with my interests…

The first year of having this blog i worked hard to stick to a schedule of consistently posting once a week, but then i started to focus more on the schedule to post rather than enjoying the process of coming up with ideas and writing when i felt inspired.

After taking a few months off, I’ve decided that i want to get back into writing and posting here on my website, but I’m going to do it at my own pace. I’ll continue to write about topics that i feel inspired by and that i genuinely enjoy sharing with you guys, but i think it’ll be a little different… I might write an entire blog post about an outfit i recently wore and took pictures in or a sewing project i recently finished. I might make a quick post that shares my Pinterest inspo right now because what inspires me at a certain time could end up inspiring you too! I’m doing a lot of article research for my classes, which has been interesting staying in the loop on fashion trend predictions and recent fashion shows in the midst of Covid-19. I think that would be fun to talk about a bit and share articles i’ve found interesting lately. I’m also hoping to share an occasional devotional reading or Bible verse that i come across because sometimes a message that touches my heart will find it’s way to somebody else who needed to hear it.

I want this website to be a scrapbook of what makes me happy and what makes me feel inspired, so I’m excited to start sharing again.

I hope you enjoy!

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