Social Media Questionnaire – Natalie Zacek

This week i asked Natalie Zacek, nataliezacek on instagram, the same questions as last week’s post and she had some really great responses . . . Natalie is someone who I’ve mentioned before in a blog. I’ve been following her for over a year now and just love her beachy pictures and her springy pastel outfits. Always makes me want to go to the beach or put a little floral sundress on! Anyways, here are her responses . . .

When did you start consistently posting on your instagram? I’ve been posting since I was 13 but I began consistently posting since I was about 16. 

Did you intentionally start posting a certain way to grow your page or did the growth come naturally with what you already enjoyed posting? I intentionally tried to take pictures in the best lighting possible, wear styled outfits, and I tried to take more pictures. But, I felt that the content I was posting was exactly what I wanted it to be. There were some pictures I like more than others but overall it was very natural. 

How did you find your instagram aesthetic? I based it off of the activities I like to do, the people I like to follow, and the styles I like to wear. I would say it is definitely a beachy look but I also love incorporating other styles. 

What are three words you’d use to describe your instagram? Sunshine, pastel, and the beach☺️

Favorite types of photos to post? Definitely with beautiful water and a beautiful sunset!

Describe your favorite outfit to wear lately… A bikini 😇 but as far as clothes, sweatpants and tanks for the win!

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