Carry a Notebook With You

For the past few years, I’ve been filling up notebooks and bringing one with me wherever i go. It’s my way of organizing my life and my thoughts as well as keeping track of inspiration that might come along. I don’t pre-organize the pages like some people do with Bullet Journals and i don’t strictly use it as a diary. I use these notebooks to write down any little thing that i feel needs to be written down. Here are some examples that i fill my notebooks with regularly and hopefully if you keep notebooks or want to start keeping a notebook, these will be some helpful prompts for you . . .

  1. A list of what makes you happy – one of my favorites to write down because looking back months later, you get to see things you used to love and things you might have forgotten about
  2. People to pray for – this is another favorite thing for me to write out because i always have friends and family who i say I’m praying for so sitting down to write out their name gets the list out of your mind and organized out on paper
  3. Prayer lists –this is any prayers you might have. They could be prayers for your future, prayers for yourself, prayers for situations or events coming up. Fill a page just updating God on your life.
  4. Answered prayers – This is such a cool one to keep track of. I used to do this one weekly and it always amazed me to see what i prayed for the week before and if those prayers were answered in some way
  5. Thoughts – when you’re sad, happy, anxious write down why. Write down anything that’s on your mind to get the clutter out of your head and down on paper
  6. What your thankful for – people, things, moments, places
  7. Describe your perfect day – where would you go, what would you do, what would you wear, who would you be with
  8. Blessings from your week – this is so fun to look back on your week and see what good things have happened
  9. What did you accomplish this week? – finished an big paper, tried a new recipe, ran your fastest mile, walked the dog around the block, any little accomplishment
  10. To-Do lists – homework, chores, grocery lists, etc
  11. Your daily schedule – i did this all the time in the fall semester. I’d write down every little thing from my day like wake up, gym, shower, breakfast with friends, a meeting, class, etc. I wrote down every little thing and I’d cross them off as the day went on
  12. Monthly favorites – food, accessories, a piece of clothing, an activity, people, places
  13. A daily recap – what was the weather, what did you have for breakfast, what did you do today, favorite encounter today, happiest moment today

Those were lots of my favorite notebook topics that i tend to write about. I really suggest keeping a notebook. Bring it on trips with you, carry it to class, write down everything and anything in your mind and then save them when you fill one up so that in a few months or a few years, you can open one up and see what you were like and what your life was like at that time. I have a notebook from my sophomore and junior year of high school and it’s crazy to relive some of the things i wrote about that long ago.

Below i also included some journal prompts that i found on Pinterest Incase anyone wanted to follow along with one of these lists and answer a daily prompt.

2 thoughts on “Carry a Notebook With You

  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I absolutely love lists. I have so many 1/2 full journals, that I have finally started keeping just one – I put different headings at the top of the page and keep adding to it. You have me some new topics to add. I love looking back at answered prayers too!

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  2. I am so proud of you and all that you’re accomplishing in life. Your journal suggestions are great, especially the ones related to prayer. You also have some beautiful pictures of yourself. You’re growing into a beautiful young woman with a kind and tender heart. I love you!

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