Mood Board Inspiration

I’m someone who lovesss a good mood board. I’ve had to make them for class which led to me just making them for fun as well. It’s where i organize all of my favorite things at the moment: Bible verses, Sunsets, outfits, plants, jewelry, food, anything that makes me feel happy when i look at it. Lately I’ve noticed that since being home so much, i find myself planning things that i want to do once we’re able to leave our homes regularly and go out on adventures again. Saving these inspiration pictures keeps me excited about the future and just helps me feel happier.

Pinterest is a great place to find these images and create your mood board. I have all different categories saved on my Pinterest that bring me inspiration and make me happy. If you feel like you’re in a rut and not feeling particularly inspired lately, i suggest downloading Pinterest and starting a few boards. In this post I’ve made a few different categories that inspire me at the moment. Words, Happy Moments, and Fashion. All images shown are either from my own camera roll or found on Pinterest! (If you read this on your phone it’ll be a lot of scrolling, the layout is best on your computer – but ENJOY!)

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