My Photoshoot Tips

If you follow me on instagram you know i love a good photoshoot. If you’re the same way, here are some of my tips to take your best pictures!

Have someone you’re comfortable with take your pictures. It’ll be so much more relaxed if you have someone making you genuinely smile or telling you if you should turn you’re head a little more towards the sun.

Have an idea of the types of pictures you want. I love having options when it comes to choosing photos so I’ll have my friends take pictures full body, mid-thigh up, waist up, and close ups of my outfit details. (I have example pictures below)

Find the right lighting. I have two different types of days that are my favorites to take pictures. One is when it’s superrrr sunny with blue skies and the other is overcast but still bright. I like photos in direct sunlight because it makes my eyes super blue and makes you look all glowy. If the sunlight is too harsh, find some shade that’s still bright but not directly in the sun. I like photos from an overcast day just as much because the photos end up having such a calm and cool look to them with no harsh shadows or bright glow.

Editing – if you want your photos to look natural and like you barely touched them up, i suggest just brightening the shadows so they’re not too harsh and turning the color up a little. All i use are the editing options on the camera roll on my phone.

Here are a series of photos from a few weeks ago. All facing direct sunlight . . .

Full Body – I’d suggest standing to elongate your body. My go to ways to stand for full body pictures are extending your leg out to the side, like this picture, or crossing one leg in front of the other and standing a bit on your tippy toes. Either way makes you look taller than you are which is a bonus when you’re a mere 5’5 like me.

Mid thigh up – Just a little closer than full body but still shows off the majority of your outfit well.

Close ups – again if it’s a good sunny day, closeups are going to look extra bright and glowy.

Outfit pics – these are the kinds of pictures where i tell my friends to cut the top of my head off to have the focus be just on my outfit. Sometimes I’ll have them take them full body showing my shoes or just mid thigh up to show closer up details. These are more often than not my favorite photos because the whole point to my photoshoots is just to show off my outfits. They might be simple but i think they’re cute.

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