Where I Shop For Clothes + reasons to start thrifting

I wasn’t sure if i really wanted to make a whole blog post solely on where i buy my clothes but this happened to be a popular question when asking you guys on my instagram stories about blog topics you’d want to read.

The simple answer to the question of “where do you buy your clothes?” is Thrift Stores! Of course i have pieces that I’ve found at other stores but the majority of my closet is all from Goodwill or Savers.

Reasons why i shop second hand . . .

1) Prices – I’m simply not a fan of spending money on clothes. People that I’ve talked to assume that i love to shop and that i love all the big brands because I’m a fashion major but really i barely ever go out shopping.

2) Originality – I’m not someone who wants to go out and shop at the popular brands just to own the name brand items. I like that what i find at thrift stores is most likely either vintage or just a couple seasons old because no one else is going to have it.

3) I like to alter clothes – When i do go to a thrift store to pick up a few new pieces, i have ideas in my head of what i want. I keep an open mind to see if i can find something similar to my idea and once i find something similar, i basically plan out how I’m going to either sew it or cut it to make it into what i was envisioning. I’d rather alter clothes that i find at thrift stores because I’m buying them cheap and i won’t feel bad cutting something up that i didn’t spend too much on.

4) You never know what you’re going to find – this is a big reason of why i thrift. I think i get excited at the mystery of not knowing what I’m going to find. At any other store, you can go online to scroll through what they’re selling but at a thrift store you just have to show up and take your time to dig through the rows of clothes. I think it’s really fun.

5) It’s like a form of therapy – If i ever want to go out and have a day for myself, I’m probably going to a thrift store for like an hour and a half just to stroll through the isles and try a bunch of stuff on. Sometimes i find something that i buy and sometimes i leave without anything. Just walking around and thinking of what i can do with certain pieces of clothing is relaxing for me.

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