Focus on Your Health

I know everyone probably hears enough of all the health concerns going around but i wanted to make a post just touching on taking care of yourself. I’ll include tips to up your immune system, teas + foods you can make to keep you feeling your best . . .

When my brother was beginning his focus in health and fitness around seven years ago now, I also began researching more on exercise and foods that benefit your body. @sarahsday was and still is my favorite health and fitness youtuber who taught me so much on different training styles in the gym as well as foods/superfood powders/vitamins that can impact your body and inner gut so much.

In this post i wanted to talk about some health tips/things that i try and do as much as i can to take care of myself on the inside just as much as i do on the outside.

My Suggestions . . .

Drink a cup of water before you drink that cup of coffee. I’ve said it before but it helps so much overall to make sure you’re getting your water in throughout the day! Later in the post I’ll explain some of my favorite teas/drinks to make in the mornings and throughout my day.

Eat your greens. I can’t stress this enough. Adding a handful of mixed greens or plain spinach into your meals during the day will help in digestion, it adds volume to your meal, and you get so many vitamins with the deeper green and purple leaves. Easy to add a big handful to your morning eggs or your smoothies.

Have some chicken soup. When i feel a cold coming on, my mom always says to have some chicken soup and I’d shrug it off because i assumed it was just a comfort food for when you’re sick and didn’t offer any actual cold fighting properties. Chicken soup can actually improve symptoms of a cold because of the chicken or turkey being high in vitamin B-6. The chicken broth is a great source of nutrients to improve your immune system as well as your gut health.

Drinks to knock a cold or just give you a boost . . .

1) big cup of iced water, green tea bag, vitamin-C drink packet, lemon juice

2) boil water and add ginger, turmeric, black pepper (honey if you want it sweetened)

3) warm water w/ lots of lemon + ginger.

Foods + vitamins to implement in your daily routines . . .

1) Citrus + Vitamin C – you can take an easy vitamin C tablet/vitamin C drink each day or up your intake of foods like oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, red peppers.

2) Colorful fruits and Veggies! They’re filled with all kinds of vitamins that your body needs as well as great sources of fiber

3) Turmeric – I love turmeric. Last year i learned about the benefits of turmeric for your body with its anti inflammatory properties and i try to implement it into my meals or my drinks if i want a little boost. When using turmeric though, i suggest adding a little black pepper to whatever you put it in to activate the benefits. My favorite ways to use turmeric are mixed in my tea, added to smoothies, mixed into a soup or any savory dish.

4) Ginger – I’m obsessed with ginger just as much as i am with turmeric. Adding ginger to your diet improves digestion, reduces inflammation, and can help knock out a cold if you feel one coming on. My favorite ways to use ginger are in a smoothie, mixed in a soup, or just a plain ginger tea. I’d suggest starting small and working towards adding more to your foods and drinks.

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