Spring Cleaning!

With the first week of March already behind us, i wanted to just come on here to share some springtime inspiration.

I love springtime especially because it’s going to start getting warmer (hopefully very very soon) and all of the trees + flowers start to bloom again. These next few months are also when you tend to want to do some “Spring Cleaning”. Whether that means actually having a day to clean things up around your room or your house or it means just mentally preparing for a new season of changes, i think it’s time to get in the mindset that Spring Time is here!

Spring Time outfit inspo . . . Spring time where I’m from means a mix of cooler days as well as more warmer sunny days as the months go on. There’s a lot of light sweaters and cardigans in my spring wardrobe because you never know if the days going to start cool and warm up by noon.

I love light button downs or a light cardigan. I’ll pair it with a pair of jeans and add a tank top or something underneath incase it gets warmer.

Another cardigan and jeans idea. Found this whole outfit from the thrift store.

I looove this outfit. Easy corduroys with a T-shirt and cardigan.

Light cardigan with some men’s jeans and converse. Easy to throw on a tank top or T-shirt underneath.

I didn’t even realize it when picking out these photos but jeans and a cardigan seem to be my go to outfit most days. I think just classic loose fit jeans are so easy for any weather and pairing it with a funky sweater or a simple T-shirt and cardigan is just so cute.

Closet Clean Out . . .

I love pastels for spring or thin knits. I feel like i wear a lot of black in the winter months so going through my closet at the beginning of spring helps me pull my lighter spring time sweaters out and reminds me to start wearing them. I love a good spring time closet clean out! Make a pile of pieces you love to wear and make a pile of things that you don’t think you’ll wear anymore. You’ll find that you have lots in your closet that you can part with and donate.

One thought on “Spring Cleaning!

  1. Love the layering idea. I need to get better at that and find some light pieces to add to my primarily dark wardrobe. Took your advice and I got rid of three bags of clothes from my closet. I already feel lighter. 😄

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