Favorite People on Social Media Right Now

Ashley Alexander – Ur Mom Ashley on YouTube and aaashleyk on instagram

I started watching Ashley’s YouTube videos a few months ago and later followed her on instagram. Her videos are funny vlogs with her siblings and boyfriend, clothing hauls, or week in her life videos. I think i like her content so much because of how funny all of her siblings are when they get together to make a video and because of her clothing style. Her outfits are always so good.

Olivia Frost – Olivia Frost on YouTube and oliviabynature on instagram

I follow Olivia on instagram but I’ve also watched a few of her YouTube videos. I love her content because she is a pro at thrifting. Basically everything she wears are vintage pieces that she’s picked up at second hand stores. Most days she posts 2-3 times on her instagram with just different angles of her outfits. I love her casual outfits and the fact that she can find all of these vintage pieces is just so cool. She also tries her best to link her clothing items on her stories but since a lot is vintage, she’ll just link similar pieces she can find.

SarahsDay – Sarahs_Day on instagram and SarahsDay on YouTube

I’ve been following Sarah for years now and she is the youtuber that really got me into trying different training styles in the gym and gave me my drive to be more knowledgeable on health and fitness. She posts workouts, recipes, and daily vlogs. Every single video that she posts has valuable content in it that will inspire you to take care of your body. Even if it’s just a day in the life video, she implements advise and things that she does in her daily life to take care of herself. She is just a really happy and real person to follow on any of her platforms.

Margot Lee – margot.lee on instagram and Margot Lee on YouTube

I watch Margot on YouTube and i also follow her on instagram. Her instagram is a lot of fashion content and photo shoots which i love. Her YouTube covers everything from college related videos to day in the life videos and so much more. She is such an amazing person to follow along to on social media because of the experiences she’s had in the business world and the fashion world. She explains what she’s learned along the way and just gives great creative content.

Natalie Zacek – nataliezacek on instagram

Natalie’s instagram is the beachiest and happiest page. She has photos with her friends, outfit pictures, and so many pretty beach pictures. I think i love her page so much because of all the colors that she has in her photos being down in Florida especially since it’s so cold and dreary now in the winter months. She’s also a Christian so seeing her do questions on her stories to have her followers share answered prayers from their weeks or have them share prayer requests is so sweet to see.

Ashley – best.dressed on instagram and bestdressed on YouTube

Ashley has been a favorite on instagram and YouTube for a while now. Her instagram is a lot of fashion content with outfit photos and her YouTube covers so many topics. She has sit down advise videos, outfit inspiration videos, and daily vlogs that are always funny. She’s so real on her channel and never holds back when sharing advise or sharing her opinions on things.

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