Instagram vs Reality

Instagram is an amazing source for sharing your creativity or anything that you love / makes you happy but it can also be super nerve racking when it comes to sharing what you genuinely love. There’s judgement, there are people who might not be into the same things, but there are also people who LOVE what you’re sharing and are inspired by the moves you’re making by sharing your passion. Those people are the only ones you need to focus on.

Posting because it makes you happy should be your main goal. If i love an outfit that i wore one day, yeah I’m going to have a friend take some pictures for me so i can share them on my instagram for others to hopefully be inspired by or for me to go back and look at for outfit inspo in the future. That’s fun for me so i enjoy making it a goal most days to take outfit photos.

Going along with taking outfit pictures to share on my instagram, i definitely do not wear put together outfits every day. I have classes three days a week this semester which means those are probably the only days when I’m going to put together a nice outfit and the rest of the week I’ll be in hoodies or sweatpants. Either way I’m comfortable and confident in what I’m wearing and that makes me happy. I’ll take photos in a cute outfit that i took time to put together for class but I’ll also take pictures if I’m in leggings, a hoodie, and a ball cap. Dressed up or super casual, i just want to share outfits that make me confident and that other people might be inspired by.

It took me a long time to be comfortable on instagram with posting the content i’m passionate about and how often i post. I have a solid support around me that i am so grateful for because those positive voices mean so much more than the unnecessary comments. My favorite saying that i feel fits my goals right now is “At first they’ll question why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask you how you did it”. I just think it’s so perfect because some people won’t understand why you’re taking these big steps to make a change. But they don’t need to understand. As long as you know the direction you want to go in, go for it.

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