My Go-To makeup products

I am no makeup pro and really know just the basics when it comes to anything makeup related but every product i use is amazing so i wanted to share . . .


Maybelline Mascara – This mascara is what I’ve been buying since 9th grade. I buy the waterproof Rocket Volume Express mascara in very black and it makes my lashes super long with no clumps. It also stays on through anything.

Eyebrow pencil – i started filling in my brows probably junior year of high school and really just do it because i like the look of dark brows with my light hair. My brows are naturally much darker than my hair but using this to fill in some sparse areas makes my face feel more put together. I used to buy an eyebrow pencil from CVS that costed around $11 but then last year i found one from the dollar store that literally does just as well. As long as the shade says blonde, then it’s good for me.

Concealer – this is a recent addition to my makeup routine and don’t know why i only just started using it. I wanted a full coverage product that was going to stay put all day so i bought L’Oréal infallible full wear concealer. I use the most minimal amount to just blend under my eyes or on a red spot and this stuff is so great.

Those are the three products i use. I do use a lash curler before putting my mascara on because it really helps keep my eyelashes looking their best but it’s just from the dollar store. I bought it quite a few years ago and it’s still doing its job so I’m happy with it.

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