Take Care of Yourself

When i think of taking care of myself i don’t just think about it when I’m sick and need to get over a cold. I think about how I’m taking care of myself everyday. Mentally, physically — there are so many ways that you’re taking care of yourself everyday without even really thinking about it.

For me, taking care of myself mentally means . . . getting work done ahead of time so i don’t feel stressed, writing down a prayer list for myself and the people in my life, reading my devotional, writing to-do lists so i get things done, or writing down everything I’m thinking just so it’s not all busy in my head and i can actually see it all down on paper.

Taking care of myself physically can be much harder at times but i put it up there as a top priority because i know how important it is. I try to . . . Drink a lot of water throughout my day, do some kind of physical activity whether it’s lifting at the gym, a busy day walking around campus, or stretching in my room. I love to drink tea that offers different benefits for your body. Like turmeric tea helps with inflammation in the body, ginger helps with digestion, and green tea is an all around metabolism boosting tea. Moisturizing is also so important – moisturizing your face in the morning and night as well as finding a full body moisturizer to use after each shower.

Little things that you have found you like to do because they make you happy or make you feel better about going into a new, busy week — those things are you taking care of yourself. if i found a few hours to myself I’d make a tea or coffee, I’d get some work done if i needed to, or I’d just sit there and write things down while watching Netflix or something. It’s so simple but having these times make me feel happier and more organized for my week ahead.

I think if you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed, it can help so much to find some quiet time to yourself and figure out what is on your mind and what you need to accomplish. it’ll help you organize to clear your thoughts and worries. I also believe that taking a morning or an afternoon to yourself where you can play some favorite music, write down any thoughts, take a shower and put on some cozy clothes – those days can be so beneficial to your well being. All you have to do is set aside the time.

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