New Year’s Resolutions

Here are lotssss of New Year’s Resolution Ideas that I’ve been coming up with for you guys.

Health + Wellness Resolutions

  • Stretch every day – the longer you stick with this one, the more excited you’ll get once you start seeing yourself become more flexible.
  • stick to a skincare routine – so important to take care of your skin. Find what works for your skin whether it be facial scrubs or certain moisturizers and implement it as a part of your daily routine.
  • Start your day with a cup of tea or a bottle of water before that cup of coffee – it’ll help you get some more water in your system at the start of your day.
  • Become physically stronger – a common goal is to lose weight or be skinnier but i think a better way to go about it is to think about becoming stronger. You’ll become so much more excited seeing results of being able to lift a heavier weight or add a few extra reps.
  • Drink more water through your day – a very common goal but i think it’s a very good one to practice. Try remembering to carry a water bottle or a to-go mug with you when you leave the house or when you go to class.

School / Work Resolutions

  • Write down a daily To-Do list in the mornings – i just love doing this and think it keeps you on track to get everything done that you need to that day.
  • Don’t fall behind on assignments – if you’re someone who procrastinates with everything or misses assignment, i really suggest either getting a planner or using your calendar on your phone to help remind you when due dates are coming up. Having a visual timeline really helps.
  • Don’t save a big paper for the night before – it’ll just help you out if you start it earlier instead of 10:00pm when it’s due at 12. Less stress all around.

Life / Extra Resolutions

  • Use a journal or notebook to write down what happened throughout your day – it’ll help with your memory to recall what you did that day. It’ll also be fun to look back in a few months to see what you did or what was on your mind.
  • Make your bed in the morning – it’ll become a habit every time you jump out of bed once you start doing it and it’ll make your room feel so much cleaner.
  • Track your spending – at the start of the month write down your current amount in your checking/savings + cash so then at the start of the next month, you can see what amounts you’re at now. This really helps me with visualizing how much I’ve spent and if i need to budget better next month.
  • Go through your closet – do a full closet clean out and if you haven’t worn something in ages, donate it.
  • Wear what you want – this was a goal of mine a few years back and still crosses my mind when picking out my outfits. Instead of worrying what others will think, just wear the outfit if it makes you happy.
  • Make lists – prayer lists, daily to-do lists, things you’re thankful for, things that make you happy. I started doing this just a year or two ago and it honestly helps so much to get your thoughts out instead of juggling them in your busy mind.

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