Notice Who You Have in Your Life

I’m not one to get super sappy or emotional but i feel like everyone needs a moment to stop and appreciate the people in their lives. Whether they’re your friends or your family or people who simply inspire you in some way, acknowledge the impact they’ve had on you.

It is so easy to get swept up in your daily routine of life especially this time of year with finals and the chaos that can come with the holidays. You forget these people that call you to check how your week is going, or who you routinely have breakfast with three days a week, or who just invite you to hangout even when it’s 12 in the morning but they know you need a friend, they all have a place in your life. Just because their existence in your life has become routine, don’t take their presence for granted. They all care for you with their whole hearts and want to see you grow just as much as you want to see them grow!

Give them a hug, tell them you love them, say thank you. If it’s hard for you to do any of those things in person, write it down, send them the link to this post so they know you’re thinking about them, or send them any of the quotes I’ve included below.

For some people, it’s super easy to tell the people around them just how much they mean to them but for some people it’s hard. Find a way to let them know though.

Have it be a goal to make sure the people in your life know that they’re loved and appreciated. Be sunshine for them just like they’re sunshine for you.

I also challenge you to spread the love you have no matter where you are. Be confident to tell that girl you’re about to walk by that you love her outfit. I know for me, that makes my day when someone does that. Simply make eye contact and smile with strangers you pass. Hold the door for the person behind you even if they’re at that awkward distance that’s kind of far but still close enough to hold the door for. They’ll appreciate that act of kindness.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and are able to spend time with your family and friends as much as you can.

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