Favorite Cold Weather Outfits

Here are some outfits that i wear when i want to look put together but also stay warm as the temperatures start to drop . . .

I love to wear a big sweater that’s almost like a dress with a pair of leggings and booties/sneakers. Any kind of big knit sweater that’s super warm and cozy is perfect because it’s oversized but paired with tight leggings and a simple shoe, balance the look to keep it looking put together.

A crew neck sweater with a thin turtleneck underneath. I love to layer in the winter months and putting a basic turtleneck under a sweater i think is so cute and easy. Pairing your tops with a pair of loose light wash jeans or simple leggings and a pair of sneakers finishes the look perfectly to keep it looking cute while also keeping you warm.

Corduroy pants, like these pictured below, are grey because corduroy is a material that will keep you warm in the winter and it adds some texture to your outfit. I pair mine with a simple sweater or hoodie and then throw a warm jacket on top.

If it’s super cold and you really just want to stay comfortable all day then I’d wear a hoodie with leggings and a long warm coat like this camel coat (pictured towards the top of the page) with just some simple sneakers. Super quick to pick out in the morning and you’ll be comfortable all day. Even though it’s just a hoodie and leggings, i feel like the structured coat steps up the outfit a bit.

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