Some of my favorite thrifted pieces

As most people know, I’m a big thrifter and over the years have found some really great finds. Here are a bunch of my absolute favorite thrifted pieces. Scroll down to see some pictures I’ve taken in them!

Left: LLBean women’s classic fit jeans that i found over the summer. Right: a cape cod quarter zip from the men’s section.

Left: a vintage men’s sweater that i just really love because of the fit and the pattern. Also thrifted the jeans. They were originally much baggier but i took them in a few inches down the entire leg so now they fit like a glove. Right: These jeans i found a few years ago and i cut the knees myself.

Left: I found these khaki corduroy pants this fall with some friends. They’re the perfect high waisted fit. Right: These brown corduroys are just the same fit as the left and they’re from Dockers.

Left: This sweater was a find last spring. It’s oversized and from the men’s section. Right: This sweater i also found from the men’s section last spring. It’s such a good quality, heavy knit.

Left: This brown corduroy jacket was a find a few summers ago in a consignment shop. Right: This zip up navy cardigan is a recent find from this summer and a favorite in my closet now. Gap size small.

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