Be Productive!

Let’s talk about having a productive day. If you find yourself having loads of things that you have to get done by Monday you can easily make it enjoyable instead of stressful.

If i know i have a lot that i need to get done, i like to set aside a day for myself and get it all done. Having a whole day to get stuff done actually makes me excited because i love being able to check things off of a to-do list and feel that relief.

Here’s how i like to plan my productive days . . .

Start the day early. I like to wake up definitely by 9:00 on one of these days so that i have an entire day ahead of me. I’ll make my bed, make a cup of tea or coffee, and sit down to write out everything i need to do.

Also I’ve found that changing out of my pjs and into fresh clothes helps with making you feel motivated to get stuff done. Even if you just put on a clean pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, you’re still out of the clothes you wore to sleep and into new clothes for a new day.

Get the easy things done first. I would throw a load of laundry in or clean my room while it’s still early, then you can get everything else done in a clean space and while your clothes are finishing in the wash or dryer. I’ll also turn on some music while i clean my room and do these little tasks.

Get yourself something to drink, a snack, and sit down at a desk or table to get some work done. If i have a paper to write or an assignment to do, i like to get it done in one sitting so that it’s done and i don’t have to worry about needing to finish it later. So depending on how much work i have, i might be sitting there for a few hours until it’s done. Of course taking little breaks whenever you feel like you need it is important and well deserved if you’ve been focused and working.

Another thing i do is finish my work in the daytime. Wether it’s in the morning or afternoon it doesn’t matter. I’m just not a fan of saving my work until after dinner because i get tired early and can’t focus as well. So i like to get my assignments done earlier on in the day so that after dinner i have time to make a cup of tea and relax after a full day of getting stuff done. Also by starting your To-Do’s early in the day, you give yourself plenty of time incase you need to keep finishing work into later in the night.

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