Timeless Clothing vs Trendy Clothing

I first realized that i should try to focus on buying pieces that are timeless rather than trendy when i noticed my mom having pieces that I’ve seen her wear for years. She’s been able to wear them for so long because they’re great staple pieces that never go out of style. When i think of timeless clothes, i think of neutral colors or classic patterns. I think of classic silhouettes as well as brands that have been around through the years.

Personally i prefer timeless pieces. I prefer buying something where i know I’m going to get my money’s worth out of it and be able to wear it time after time over the years. I have pieces in my closet that i’ve had since seventh grade simply because they’re classic pieces and because i’ve taken care of them. I really suggest collecting some timeless clothing pieces because you’ll really get a good wear out of them for years to come.

I wanted to leave this post with a list of 10 timeless clothing pieces that i find myself wearing absolutely all the time . . .

1. My Levi Jeans – sturdy material and a classic loose fit. Great for any season.

2. High Waisted Jeans – I love a good pair of high waisted straight leg jeans and they’ll be a go-to in your closet for years because of the classic fit.

3. Denim Jackets – I layer sweaters and scarves with mine in the winter and throw it on over a tank top in the summer.

4. My White Keds / Converse High Tops – love both of these. I bought both in a neutral color so they could go with so many outfits and both are a durable shoe that will last me for years if taken care of well.

5. Button Down Shirts – They’re a light material and basic colors to carry me through any season. I can wear them with denim shorts in the summer and a pair of black jeans in the winter.

  • 6. My Sperry boat shoes – these definitely are not everyone’s style but growing up where i did, they were a classic shoe and i sure have gotten some use out of them over the years.
  • 7. My black Ralph Lauren Rain Booties – I love these. I’ve had them for a year and i honestly am never upset when the weather man tells us a rainy day is coming because these are so cute.

    8. Corduroy pants – Corduroy is a great material for fall/winter because it’s soft, warm, and very comfortable. I have two pairs of high waisted straight leg corduroy pants that i wear all the time.

    9. A good winter jacket – if you live or go to school in an area where it gets real cold during the winter months, i promise investing in one good classic jacket for the cold months will be worth it. I found a black puffer jacket last year that hits right above my knee and doesn’t look too bulky or overwhelming with your outfit.

    10. Black Ankle Booties – These are great shoes that can be dressed up or kept casual and if you get a solid pair, you’ll wear them for years.

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