October Favorites

As requested, here are some of my October Favorites that I’ve been loving this month. Some are food, beauty products, clothes, books. Anything really that I’ve been obsessed with throughout October . . .

Bath and Body Works Sleep lotion – the scent is lavender and cedarwood from their aromatherapy line. Put a little on your hands before bed or when you want to relax.

L’Oréal infallible full wear concealer – it’s full coverage and stays on all day

Veggie crisps – one of my favorite snacks to have in my room lately

Pomegranates – they’re in season and sooo good

Fresh picked apples – every time I’ve gone home this fall, I’ve picked a new bag of apples from the orchard to bring back to school and keep in my dorm room.

Matcha Green Tea with Turmeric – the brand is Bigelow. It tastes and smells like the perfect cup of fall tea

Ginger Peach Turmeric Tea – another Bigelow tea that my mom found me this summer but still is such a favorite for the fall time

My Brown Leather Belt – I found this belt a few weeks ago thrifting and it is the prettiest belt i own. It’s brown with a gold buckle and is a medium/skinny width which i think keeps it simple and great as an addition to your everyday outfit.

My khaki colored corduroy pants – I found these thrifting and they’ve been such a staple in my closet all month long. They’re straight leg and high waisted which is my favorite style to wear.

An oversized sweater with leggings – my favorite outfit for a cool day in the fall

Jesus Calling Devotional – I got this Devotional over the summer and have been reading it so far this semester. It’s a really quick read but each day has such a great message followed by a few Bible verses that relate to the message.

Bath and Body Works Rose Scent – loooove this perfume and lotion set. I use it every day and it’s just so light and pretty.

Chocolate Belvitas and Cranberry Orange Belvitas – highly recommend these if you ever want a sweet snack to keep in the house or your dorm room.

My Yeti to-go cup – I bring this to almost all of my classes with iced coffee or a hot tea in it. My Yeti is khaki colored which i absolutely love because I’ve never seen one in a neutral tone like it before.

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