November Favorites !

I don’t know about anyone else but this November flew by! I still made it a point to write down some monthly favorites again though so here they are . . .

1) Layering an oversized sweater over a turtleneck and leggings. I think this is the easiest outfit for me to throw on in the morning now that it’s getting freezing. Add a little beanie and a long jacket to stay extra warm.

2) Hair Clips – instead of tying my hair up in a tight ponytail or a bun, I’ve been spinning my hair up into one of these clips.

3) Grey Nail Polish – I go through phases when i have my nails painted all the time or they’re never painted and this month was one of the times when i painted them all the time. The one I’ve been wearing is Essie’s Petal Pushers and it’s a very nice medium grey.

4) Gold Hoop Earrings – I started wearing a new pair of hoops that you can see also in the picture above. They’re a little bigger than my old hoops but still super simple and step your outfit up.

5) Olivia Frost on Instagram – Her page is all outfits and details of the pieces that she wears. She has a very casual style and loves to layer. I highly suggest following her. She’s also on YouTube.

6) Jade Face Roller – This thing is so cool. I got mine from amazon and i keep it in the fridge so it’s cold in the morning when i use it. It really helps wake up your face in the morning before putting your makeup on for the day.

7) John Freida Lightening Spray – I’ve talked about the shampoo before but this spray does an even better job. Just spray in after a shower and then blow dry your hair fully. After a few uses, you’ll definitely see your hair lightening up.

8) Ur Mom Ashley – She’s on YouTube (urmomashley) and instagram (aaashleyk). Her YouTube videos are so genuine and funny to watch. Her instagram content is full of outfits and just her daily life.

9) Gold Name Necklace – I think these are such sweet and dainty necklaces to wear. Mine has a short chain so i can wear it with my cross necklace and they don’t cover each other up. I believe my mom found it on Etsy.

10) Luna Bars – LOVE the lemon zest and the chocolate coconut

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