Thrift With Me

As I’ve mentioned before in past posts, i really like to thrift. It’s a way of shopping that allows me to save money as well as be creative with my style by having original pieces.

When people ask me about where i got something I’m wearing and i respond with “I thrifted it!”, their typical response is something like “wow I’ve always wanted to do that but i’d never know how to start”. Thrifting can be super intimidating if you’ve never done it before so to help you out, i wanted to share a few things that help me have a successful thrifting trip . . .

Have an idea of what you’re looking for when you walk in – if you have a plan that you’re looking for, let’s say, a thick cable knit sweater, go straight to the sweater isle when you walk in the store. Then if you find what you needed, you can bum around the other isles to browse a little more.

Have time – when i go thrifting, i like to make sure that i have plenty of time to browse, try on, and repeat as many times as I’d like. If I’m on a time limit, I’m most likely going to find what i need but back out on buying it because i don’t have enough time to really think about how I’d style it or if it’s going to be a lasting piece in my wardrobe. I second guess myself a lot while shopping but giving myself time to think and browse really helps.

Have an open mind – or think creatively with the pieces you find. If you went in the store looking for a pair of jeans and you found a pair that’s the perfect wash and length but the waist is too big, that’s such an easy fix! Don’t put them back on the rack because they’re a little big. You can take them home and just simply sew a few vertical lines on the waistline between the belt loops to take the waist in however much you need. Then you have the perfect pair of jeans!

Experiment – experiment with pieces that you might not find in popular stores. If you find something that you love because you’ve never seen or worn anything like it, try that piece on! Even if it’s something like a baggy pair of jeans that you’re hesitant on because everyone at school wear’s skinny jeans, maybe you SHOULD buy them to wear to school. People might admire that you’re dressing out of the “regular” of what everyone else wears.

Look anywhere – don’t limit yourself with where you look for your clothes. I browse the women’s section, the men’s section, and even the little boy’s section of thrift stores. I have to say, i find all my thrifted pants from the men’s section as well as most of my sweaters and i find most of my T-shirt’s from the little boys section!

Don’t Psych yourself out – if you love something, why shouldn’t you get it? If it makes you excited and happy when you try it on, buyyy itttt. Don’t tell yourself that you shouldn’t get it just because it’s not what everyone else is wearing. Be unique and style your outfits with pieces that make you happy.

Honestly if you EVER have questions on thrifting or sewing clothes, i would love to talk about it. It’s something i really love to do and i want other people to see how creative and easy it can be!

If you want to go thrifting just ask, my answer is YES πŸ™‚

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