Transitioning to Fall Outfits

Now that the leaves are changing, the days are getting much cooler, and the pumpkins are out on the front porch it’s time to start transition our wardrobes from end of summer to full on Fall.

The fact that it’s October makes me so happy just because of everything that comes along with it being Fall. Apple picking, pumpkins, mums, apple cider donuts, Halloween movies! And of course Fall outfits . . .

Layering: Fall means the beginning of layering season. I love a good sweater with a denim jacket layered over it and maybe some black jeans. Such an easy outfit but you can change it up by wearing different sweaters like a simple turtleneck or a colorful knit crew neck.

Another favorite is layering a thick knit crew neck over a thin turtleneck. It’s such a cute, cozy look and if it’s extra cold just throw a soft scarf around your neck for another warm layer.

Denim: Next for Fall looks are vintage jeans! I love throwing on a pair of my baggy jeans that I’ve thrifted and a sweater. Super quick to throw on before class and very comfortable if you’ll be out busy all day. I love my men’s Levi’s because of the sturdy and warm quality that can be easily styled in any outfit.

Jackets: I never used to own little transitional jackets for days when its chilly but still not cold enough for a real coat. The past year I’ve collected a few favorites . . .

My Denim Jacket is distressed and a little oversized so it’s perfect for a day when you want to throw on a pair or leggings, a sweater/hoodie, but need another layer to keep you warm.

My brown Corduroy Jacket is cropped so it hits right at my natural waist. This makes it perfect to wear with high waisted jeans because the jacket hits at a length that still gives you shape in your overall look.

My black Bomber Jacket is also cropped so again I’d pair this with some high waisted pants like jeans or corduroys.

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