My Favorite Creators Right Now

I’m a sucker for a pretty instagram layout. If you have a unique style that’s 100% you and you want to share that with people, i say go for it. People want to see originality. Three unique people that I’ve been loving lately are Ashley (best.dressed), Viviane (vivianeaudi), and Natalie (nataliezacek).

Ashley i originally found on YouTube. I loved her from the start because of her thrifting videos, outfit look book videos, as well as just life videos. After watching her videos for a while, i looked her up on instagram. She had her videos on how she takes her photos so i wanted to actually see them as a final product on her page. I loved getting to know her first through her YouTube videos because i was able to see her personality before scrolling through still photos to basically just see how she pieced her outfits together. She has such a quirky style but i think that’s why she’s been one of my favorites for so long. You never know what she’s going to wear next.

Viviane i found on instagram more recently. Her photos are so simple yet show off her outfits and her style so clearly. I think what got me hooked on her page was the simple factor of how the page looks while scrolling through but also the fact that her outfits are wearable on an every day basis. I’m someone who loves a basic outfit that fits with my surroundings as well as makes me feel comfortable and confident and i think her outfits are perfect inspiration. Viviane also has her own blog. I really suggest checking it out because the set up is beautiful and every post has a great topic to read about.

Natalie I’ve been following for quite a while. Her colorful, beach inspired page is so fun and summery no matter the season. She shares her outfits as well as her collection of bathing suits in any color you can think of and really makes you wish you were sitting at the beach each time you scroll through her page.

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