How I Got Started in Fashion


I’ve always loved clothes. I can remember being at preschool working on a craft with all the other kids and I’m wearing a dark red, velvet skirt that hit at my calves with a matching long sleeve top that had belle sleeves. I’m pretty sure this was my Christmas Eve outfit but I must’ve loved it enough to pick it out and wear it on a regular day of preschool.

From kindergarten to senior year of high school i had a dress code for school. In elementary school i had a little bit more freedom with the dress code so i was able to still get creative with the outfits i picked out in the morning. Middle school i wore what the trends were at the time if they fit within the dress code and didn’t really experiment with new looks. High school i wore the classic outfits that everyone else wore: mini skirt, sweater or blouse, and ankle booties or knee high boots (depending on the season). When i got to college i told myself that I wasn’t going to get nervous to wear what i want. I finally wear outfits that make me happy instead of wearing outfits that everyone else wears.


Both of my grandmas helped boost my love of sewing when i was younger. My one grandma would write me letters with instructions on how to do a certain stitch or how to go about sewing a certain garment. My other grandma would take me out to buy fabric and a pattern to follow and then come back home to begin the project.

After growing up following these patterns and instructions, i wanted to go off and make projects by just winging it. My favorite sewing projects to do now are altering my own clothes in some way or going to the thrift store to buy something like an old pair of jeans from the men’s section and altering them to fit me how i want.


Thrift stores are my favorite places to shop because I’m able to find things that no one else is going to have. I’m able to be unique with the outfits I put on because I’m wearing a vintage piece or I’m wearing a piece that i made uniquely for myself. Also by shopping at a thrift store, you’re reusing garments. Being a fashion major in college, I’ve learned all about fast fashion and the tole it’s putting on our planet.

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