Favorite Things to Have at the Beach

If you know me, you know i LOVE the beach. I can stay in the sun for hours but that’s only if i pack my beach necessities. Here’s what i love to keep in my beach bag . . .

Sunglasses – either my tortoise shell pair from Target or my black aviators from a stand in South Carolina

A Towel – can’t just be sitting on the sand all day

Sunblock – definitely a necessity even if you’re just in the sun for a little while

A Drink – sometimes i bring an iced coffee but i always also bring a big bottle of seltzer or water

Snacks – very important. I love cut up fruits and veggies or peanut butter crackers at the beach

A hat – after the beach i always throw on my Yankees ball cap to shade my cheeks if they got too much sun or to tame my hair after having the salt water sit in it all day.

A book or notebook – if I’m in the middle of a good book I’ll throw that in my bag or I’ll throw in my notebook and pen to write ideas down

My phone – really just to check the time and to take pictures

And that about covers what i like to have with me for a long day at the beach. Pretty basic list of things but each has a purpose for an ideal beach day!

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