It’s Been Too Long!

Oh my goodness i finally just opened up my website and realized i haven’t posted since January! This website is where my love for social media & sharing my interests began in 2019, so i love staying up to date over here. I’m going to really try to post more on here and i will always share these posts on my socials like Instagram, TikTok, and Lemon8 🙂

I’m going to have this be kind of a catch-up post on life, favorites, & my thoughts lately… Feels good to be back!

I LOVE Lemon8

i don’t know if you’re on this app, but it is AMAZING. It’s kind of a mix of Canva, Pinterest, & a blog post. It’s such a sweet community and it’s unlike any other social media platform I’ve tried. It feels so genuine and it’s filled with so many people just sharing posts on their interests, opinions, & starting conversations. The captions are longer & more thoughtful. I just love it, if you couldn’t tell haha

I Went to Paint Your Own Pottery!

This is my new favorite activity. I literally want to have a grownup birthday party here haha my house is going to be filled with hand painted mugs because i love this activity so much. It was so relaxing, i loved looking at Pinterest inspo for a cute design, and getting it in the mail was SO EXCITING. Totally recommend for a rainy day activity.

I’m Newly on Poshmark!

You can shop my closet HERE — basically everything I’m selling is brand new that I’ve only worn once or twice. I hope you love!

I’m working with one of my favorite companies

*Elevated Faith* shop HERE with code LILLY-15

i love this company so much. The people i work with are amazing, the products they sell are my favorite, and their message of Jesus is just so good. I’m so proud to work for a company like this & so thankful for the opportunities they’ve given me 🙂

Athletic Dresses have been my favorite thing to wear this Spring

My favorites are from Fabletics LINKED HERE & Abercrombie LINKED HERE

They’re so easy to slip on since most have a built in bra & shorts. Abercrombie has sooo many cute colors for spring & summer and also neutrals for year round 🙂

Those are all the fun updates that are on my mind right now. It feels so good to be back creating posts for my website 🙂 i hope I’ll be more consistent this spring & summer on here. If you have any blog post ideas please let me know! You can DM me on Instagram. Enjoy your week everyone!

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