2022 Recap and Excitement for 2023

2022 was an exciting year for me! There was a lot of growth and a lot of accomplishments that I’m very proud of. I wanted to kind of go through some big moments from my 2022 and then get into my exciting thoughts for 2023 🙂

2022 RECAP

I got back into reading and ended up reading 16 books in 2022! This is insane to me that i fell in love with reading and I’m just so happy i have a hobby that’s so relaxing & mind-clearing.

I started taking Social Media & Content Creation seriously in hopes to turn it into my career and almost a year later it’s officially my career! I’m working with THE KINDEST companies and have formed such sweet & genuine relationships with them over the past few months especially.

I graduated College! I finished with a major in Fashion Media & Marketing and a Minor in Studio Art. I’m so happy to have my background be in something I’m truly so passionate about and it’s a subject that is constantly changing, so i can continually learn more about it.

I worked with DREAM BRANDS like Pura Vida, Princess Polly, Beginning Boutique, and Elevated Faith — still so thankful & shocked

Now onto 2023

I want to continue posting blog posts here a few times a month. This was my first “outlet” to share things i love & my thoughts back in 2019, so I’m super excited to continue into 2023!

I’m excited to dive deeper into my devotional & Bible reading and i also want to pray more intentionally

Movement & my well-being is going to be huge for me this year. I want to move my body in some way every day whether that’s stretching, Pilates, or a walk. I want to focus on nutrition more, not in a serious way like a crazy diet change, but just making sure I’m eating foods daily that give my body the nutrients it needs to feel balanced & healthy. I also want to take care of my mind by taking quiet time to myself, journaling, praying.

I hope you all are excited for 2023 because i have really great feelings for this year 🙂

Love Lilly

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