Romanticize Your Life

Maybe you’ve heard of this concept or maybe you haven’t, but no need to fear because today I’m going to break it down for us. 

Let’s start by simply saying this: It’s time to start romanticizing your life. 

Your every day life includes countless reasons to celebrate no matter how small and mundane they seem. 

I like to think of romanticizing your life as thinking about everything being so fun and so cute. Like the trip to the grocery store? So fun. The blue sky and puffy clouds? So cute. Put that excitement towards the most basic things in life. If you do, life starts to feel a lot more joyful and a lot more colorful than it used to. 

Wake up full of excitement to pour that morning cup of coffee. Make it a treat to feel excited about every morning.

Sit on your couch or your balcony for just a few minutes to take in the sunshine or the rain out your window. 

 Make your to-do list a fun task. Write a cute list out and decorate the edges of the paper. Buy yourself a cute notepad for all of your lists and notes. You deserve it. 

Have some work to do? Make yourself a fun iced tea or a fun coffee. A fun drink next to you to sip on while you work is the perfect boost to keep you going strong.

These are small ways that you can start Romanticizing your Life, but you can see how they’re being looked at as such positive acts. They’re no chore in your daily life, they’re things you’re looking forward to with joy in your heart for them. 

Your daily life holds so many reasons to celebrate. Find the smallest of things that you can look at with excitement and i promise you will bring so much light into your every day life. 


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