Here’s a post all about some yummy food I’ve been eating lately 🙂 I’ve been having a lot of fun making my meals and taking pictures of a pretty plate so i wanted to share!

Coffee +Matcha

I love a coffee with a splash of almond milk — hot or iced it’s a classic favorite but now I’ve found a solid runner up.

I tried an Iced green tea matcha latte from Starbucks and i love it. I ask for that exact drink order but to replace the milk with water. It’s a very light drink and my favorite pick for an afternoon Starbucks run.

Oats + Fruit

Oatmeal and fruit have been a go-to for my breakfasts for a few months now because of how easy it is to make in my dorm room at school.

I love Quaker Old Fashioned oats and then i add any kind of fruit i picked up from the dining hall.

If you’re in a super sweet mood I’d suggest topping your oats with peanut butter, banana, and maybe some dark chocolate. Very yummy 🙂

Other Breakfasts

When i have the opportunity to venture away from my regular oats, my other favorite picks include avocado toast and eggs, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, or açaí bowls.

Savory Meals + Snacks

My savory meals lately have included lots of veggies.

Some favorites of mine for lunch or dinner include a veggie sandwich on toasted wheat bread, avocado toast with salad+veggies, stir fry noodles with every kind of veggie thrown in, spinach veggie wrap, and big salads filled with colorful veggies.

I love bulking my meals with veggies whether that’s a sandwich, salad, stir fry, pasta, quinoa bowl, or hummus plate.

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