Stay Organized

I love being organized and i find it easy to do because i find it fun. I think just having everything written down and planned out relieves some stress and anxieties that can easily build up when you know you have a lot of things that you need to remember to do. It’s so easy for one thing to slip your mind and then you either miss it completely or find yourself remembering at the very last minute, which is stressful either way. My friend and i talked about this over the summer and we both found that we love staying organized and in very similar ways.

Here are some things that can help you stay on top of life . . .

A Planner – i love a good planner. I found mine last summer from TJMaxx and it’s on its final months now so I’ll have to start looking for a new one. There are so many planners out there with different page layouts so once you start looking, I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your needs. Mine has a page with a whole month calendar followed by weekly layout pages so you can can see the whole month in front of you as well as each week separately.

Online Calendars – Another great planner/calendar is just the calendar on your phone or computer. Easy to organize and make changes at any time. Plus you know you’ll have it with you wherever you go if it’s right on your phone or computer. Just remember to check it or set reminders though it.

Sticky Notes – My friend and i both laughed when we said we ALSO use sticky notes to write down our To-Do’s. She likes to stick them right to her wall in her dorm room so she can see them and cross them off as the day goes on while i like to stick them on my desk and cross them off throughout the day. As long as you have your sticky in plain sight, it’ll remind you to look at it and complete those tasks. And having each task written down gives you the satisfaction of crossing them off after completing each one.

I know some people do super well and stay on top of things without needing to write it all down but i also know that there are so many people who need help staying organized. If you can figure out if you’re someone who likes to physically write their To-Do’s down on paper or be fine just typing them up on an online calendar start with that method and try it out for a while. So there you go, if you needed new organization ideas or needed help getting organized, these are the little things i do.

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