I wanted to make a bit of a series for the next two or three weeks that helps out with our current situation of social distancing, working from home, getting adjusted to online school, and so many other changes that have been thrown at us.

I asked on my Instagram if anyone felt like they were lacking motivation in something specific since being home so much and i got sooo many great responses! Thank you to anyone to wrote a little response, it was so fun reading them.

This week is all about ~Motivation~

In regular circumstances it can be hard to find motivation to do things like get homework done, get a workout in, or anything else that piles up on our To-Do lists. Now that we’re doing everything from home, I personally find it much harder to stay motivated to get my typical daily tasks done. In this post i want to talk about two topics that other people mentioned they’re struggling to find motivation for just like i have been . . .

School Work

A couple people responded to my question saying that school work has been a struggle to find motivation for. They said online classes are harder and they just want to sleep in and procrastinate their work.

First, I’d suggest figuring out if you’re the type of person who would rather set aside a whole day to get some assignments done for the week or if you’d rather set aside some time every day to get assignments done that are due the next day. Personally, I’m someone who sets aside my whole Sunday so that i can finish my assignments for the week. If you’d rather not work for a whole day, then find an hour or two every day to set aside so that you have committed time to sit down and work.

Another tip about motivation for school work is to find a place in your house that is Your Work Space. I have a little corner in my room that i do all of my work at. It’s quiet, i have all of my school work in a drawer, and when i sit there i know it’s my work space.


So many people responded to my question saying that they’re lacking motivation when it comes to working out. I’m not gonna lie, this has been the hardest thing to find motivation for since being home. In the beginning, i had just come home from school and i was still going for runs and doing at-home workouts but that is just rare at this point. Now my ‘Fitness’ is just taking the dogs out to the field a couple times a day and running around with them. Or I’ll take a few minutes to stretch and do some body weight exercises.

I also keep a yoga mat laid out on the floor in my bedroom so that if I’m doing work in my room and decide to take a break, i can easily just do a few stretches and get back to work.

One more tip for fitness motivation is to put on workout clothes in the morning. If i throw on a T-shirt and a pair of leggings in the morning, i find myself so much more motivated to go outside to run the dogs or sit down to stretch for a little while.

I also had one specific response that i thought was so great regarding what they were lacking motivation to do. They said “working out at first but i took a week off and i think a good break is needed sometimes” I loved this response! Yes breaks are definitely needed sometimes, especially in situations like we’re in now where we’re all trying to find a daily routine at home. It’s totally okay to take a break from working out for a while or just switching to some other daily task that gets some exercise in. Try not to put pressure on yourself to feel like you have to do everything that you typically did before all these social changes.

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