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Social Media Questionnaire – Samantha Feher

This week I’ve asked Sam Feher (samanthafeher on instagram) my series of questions and she was amazing with the responses she gave. She’s always so sweet and so fun to talk to, so i was very happy to get in contact! Sam works at Cosmopolitan Magazine and graduated from Elon. Before asking her these questions, […]

Social Media Questionnaire – Natalie Zacek

This week i asked Natalie Zacek, nataliezacek on instagram, the same questions as last week’s post and she had some really great responses . . . Natalie is someone who I’ve mentioned before in a blog. I’ve been following her for over a year now and just love her beachy pictures and her springy pastel […]

Social Media Questionnaire – Maggie McCormack

I’m starting a new series on my blog for the next few weeks that i am very excited about. I’ve reached out to a few of my favorite instagram bloggers with questions for them to answer and they were so sweet and thorough with their responses. I asked questions regarding their instagram accounts, their aesthetic, […]