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Lasell Students and Counselors Joined to Talk Mental Health

Photo by Lilly Hoeniger
Flyer from luactivities Instagram

Last Tuesday, February 16, members of Lasell’s Student Government Association came together through Zoom to discuss mental health with the Counseling Center and fellow students.

Lasell’s SGA has been holding these mental health talks since the return of the school year in September. Meetings were held through zoom both in October and November prior to this February meeting.

Typically Adela Hruby from the Counseling Center joins SGA and fellow students in these discussions. Meetings start by volunteers sharing how they’re feeling on a scale of 1-10. This gets the ball rolling for further discussion amongst the group. Discussions then lead into helpful steps for you to work through these feelings. 

SGA member, Maggie Clukey, said that popular topics discussed in this months meeting included stress, anxiety, and depression.

Clukey also said how another popular discussion topic was how “professors are expecting so much of us”. In a time that is already quite stressful in the midst of Covid, students felt that the pressures and expectations put on them by professors simply added to the pre-existing mental health struggles they were feeling. 

According to SGA President, Olivia Tata, “SGA and the Counseling Center recognized that there needed to be an event for students to have an opportunity to talk about how they’re feeling and a place where they can relate to other people who feel similar to them”.

Tata later mentioned how “being surrounded by other students who may be feeling the same way as you makes you feel a little bit better” and having the realization of “Oh, they feel like that too. I’m not alone in how I feel” is quite comforting. There’s a feeling of emotional unity in a time where isolation is common. 

            The next Zoom meetings are planned to be held in March and April to conclude this year’s mental health discussion.