Social Media Questionnaire – Maggie McCormack

I’m starting a new series on my blog for the next few weeks that i am very excited about. I’ve reached out to a few of my favorite instagram bloggers with questions for them to answer and they were so sweet and thorough with their responses. I asked questions regarding their instagram accounts, their aesthetic, as well as fashion. This week is Maggie McCormack – maggie_mccormack on instagram. I recently found her page and thought she would be a sweet person to ask! Let’s get right into it!

When did you start consistently posting on your Instagram?
I started to consistently post fashion content on my instagram back in October of 2018.

Did you intentionally start posting a certain way to grow your page or did the growth come naturally with what you already enjoyed posting?
I knew I wanted to start a fashion blog for a while because I have a true passion for styling and creating fun looks. The photos I would take for my blog, I would also post on my IG. The growth came naturally with what I enjoyed posting which was fashion content and inspiration. So grateful for what it has turned into!

How did you find your instagram aesthetic?
It took me a while to find my instagram aesthetic. Since the beginning up until recently, I played around with a bunch of different aesthetics. Currently, I think the aesthetic I have now is my fav and represents the truest form of myself and my style.

What are three words you’d use to describe your Instagram?
Bright, airy, natural

Favorite types of photos to post?
I love to post detail photos! Of course it’s awesome when you can see the full outfit for itself as those photos are so fun to create and super important, but I love being able to zoom in to a part of an outfit that has so much detail – detail someone might not have noticed if you weren’t up close enough to see.

Describe your favorite outfit to wear lately…
Since we have been in quarantine, my favorite outfit to wear is obviously loungewear. I’ve been loving my sky blue sweatpants and sky blue tie dye long sleeve that matches perfectly. It’s loungewear, but I still feel cute knowing that it matches and looks cute together.

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